As a regional affiliate of the International Writing Centers Association, MENAWCA is a network of writing center directors, employees, tutors and others interested in supporting student writing in the Arab world.


Announcing the 2014 MENAWCA Conference:

"Sustaining Writing and Writing Centers in the Middle East-North Africa Region"

November 7-8, 2014

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Call for Proposals EXTENDED to 15 September 2014

As writing centers grow in the MENA region, questions emerge not only about how to sustain and develop them but also about how they can serve as model centers. What strategies can and should regional writing centers adopt in order to establish a solid presence within institutional frameworks? How can peer tutors, international collaborations, and local/regional research initiatives drive the momentum? What alliances within or across academic institutions strengthen writing center continuity and support? What technological initiatives, including the use of mobile devices, influence our effectiveness with student writers and as we network with other centers? What theories and practices that grow out of local contexts can promot writing center work both within the MENA region and with other local, regional, and international writing forums? This conference aims to identify multi-faceted variables that promote the sustainability of writing programs, writing centers, and most importantly the dialogue between writers.

Keynote Speaker

Clint Gardner

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake City, Utah USA

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hosted by the Canadian University of Dubai

Sponsor of the 2014 MENAWCA Conference